“The important thing is this: to be able to give up in any given moment all that we are for what we can become.”
— DeSeaux

Did a long overdue guesting at Letters and Music on Net 25 with Apple Chiu. Sang my Originals, “Sa Piling Ko” and “Ligaw na Damdamin “(a duet with Apple). Apple also sang a song I composed entitled “Ikaw Ang Kailangan”. Enjoyed the guesting! Also greeted my Dad on air. That was the best birthday gift I could give him since I’m saving up for so many things. Anyway, being back on TV and singing again feels so good. I really hope I can do this continuously.

I will never stop singing. People have pulled me down so many times saying that I’m not talented, that I payed my way to the top; but that’s not true. I worked so hard for where I am now and no one can crush me or ever take away this dream from me. I’m now armed with everything that I’ll be needing in this fight. I am ready. Here I Am.

A gift from a friend. This made me happy today. I rarely receive gifts. Thank you Max for this.

“"Whom shall I send? - HERE I AM"
- Is. 6:8”
Earlier today at Spin Nation PH. #spinnationph Earlier today at Spin Nation PH. #spinnationph

Earlier today at Spin Nation PH. #spinnationph

Here’s a song I wrote called “Baka Sakali Lang”. It’s about seeing an ex or someone you used to love and hoping that things will get better by trying things out again.

CDO Food Trip

So I went to Cagayan De Oro for work last last week and I was able to taste this heavenly dessert. I wanted to blog about this but didn’t have the time. Anyway here goes.

So after work, my friend and I decided to eat somewhere else for dinner. We saw this place called Candy’s. The branch we went to was the one at Limketkai.


He said that he’s eaten here before and it was really good although it’s a bit pricy but nonetheless, we went for it. The restaurant served Italian food with big servings to satisfy people with big appetites AKA people like me. What really got the attention of my palate was this dessert called TARTUFO.


It’s an Ice-Cream Cake supposedly good for 3-4 persons but obviously, it was just right for the appetite of 2 hungry singing milk men (inside joke)


The outside is covered with frozen chocolate and then an inner layer of chocolate moist cake. The inside is Ice Cream. Its actual appearance looks too much and too sweet but the layers of this dessert actually complement each other.


This is how it looks when you’re half way through. It reminds me on how a quarter of a century egg looks like. It reminds me of my Dad. Haha!


Anyway, here’s everything we ordered. Spinach Pizza (Really good! Don’t doubt the vegetable), Lamb with Pita Bread, Candies Special Salad, and the Tartufo.

To end this, I just have to say “ANG SARAP!!!”




My First Music Vid- thanks to them friends who suddenly just offered to make me one! :) It’s the first song I wrote in tagalog (Filipino) and it’s the song I submitted to Elements Singer-songwriter camp Batch 3. 

Melody / Lyrics: 
Meryl David
Guitar / Arrangement : 
Michael Llave

Director: MM Brodit
Cinematographers: Ramon Espinosa and Ken Yuson
Production Designers: Dale Toloza and Brian Corella
Production Manager: Dale Toloza
Production Assistants: Chelsea Chan, Steph Dycaico and Charlene Ngo
Editors: Brian Corella, EJ Ortigas and Chelsea Chan
Producer: Miguel Mendoza

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For me, this is the best concert I have ever watched. No fancy stage, No exaggerated costumes, No grand effects, No back-up dancers. Just a Guy in shirt and a hat with his guitar and his crew. For me a true artist is someone who can stand alone with just his talent. Not to impress but to express. This was also my first time to get emotional in a concert. There’s just really something about an artist who means what he says and sings from his heart. Didn’t mind standing the whole time.

The Four Photos that are up-close are shots of my friend (who I am still jealous of because he was close to the stage) Sam Gadiane. Only photo I shot was.. you obviously know which one. Even though I was far from the singer, the songs felt close to me.